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Ever wish you could carry your favorite meal when you're backpacking? Don't like the prepackaged dehydrated meals you get in the store? Here is how to make your own dehydrated backpacking meals. With a bit of work and some simple recipes, you can make great dehydrated trail recipes. Go on, give it a try. Be the envy of you're backpacking friends.

Hi, I’m Babelfish5. I like to hike, backpack, fish and hammock camp. For me, being outdoors is great. Peace, quiet trails and fresh air are the way I relax and stay sane in a crazy world.... Or at least as sane as a crazy guy like me can be.

The longer I spent on the backpacking, the more I wanted better trail food. The old ramen noodles and instant mashed potato meals just didn’t cut it for me anymore. The mass produced dehydrated meals are expensive and don’t taste that good to me. The portion sizes were all wrong for me. So, I decided to start making my own meals. The more I tried, the better I got at it. Now I love to make my own dehydrated meals. I get to decide what I want to make and how I want to make it.

If you follow a few simple rules you can make your own delicious trail meals. It’s not hard to do. It’s cheaper to do on your own and you get to eat something you would actually want to eat. If you like cajun food, cook cajun. Indian... not a problem. If you like Gefelte Fish, why not? You can make every trail meal a great meal made just for you the way you like it. Go ahead, give it a try.

BlipTv Channel shows you how to make your own meals. You can also find Hungry Hammock Hanger episodes as an ITunes , Vimeo ,Tivo Internet TV, Boxee and Roku in the Food & Drink sections. Of course, there is also YouTube and Dailymotion.

Other pages on this website will give you more recipes and talk about the rules.